What to aim for at Montreal’s AIM Electronic Music Festival


Montreal’s AIM festival is the first of it’s kind not only in the province of Quebec, but in Canada. Located outside of downtown, Parc Carillon is home to vast amounts of space where the adult playground can be constructed. Music, food, drink, and camping aren’t the only things you can occupy yourself with on site. No other Canadian festival compares to the brand new AIM Electronic Music Festival, and here’s why:

Parts of Parc Carillon literally look like it was built by a wizard:


Volleyball and Football:

AIM organizers have ensured that there will be space dedicated to volleyball courts and soccer fields for those who want to exercise the athlete inside. A noteworthy element to introduce to music festivals, AIM aims to look out for the well-being of the clientele, some of whom will be camping on-site for 3 days.

Iregular Visuals:


Iregular can and should be considered as one of the most exciting artists featured on this year’s line up at AIM. Iregular’s art throws in something entirely new – interactive visuals. As seen at MUTEK, Igloofest, and Boomerang Awards, categorizing this type of work into ‘visuals’ just doesn’t do it any justice.

 A Diverse Menu:

Food lovers unite – herbivores and omnivores alike will be able to grab a comforting, warm meal on-site at the festival. If you’re planning on dancing for 32 hours (another unique characteristic of AIM festival), you should definitely make a pit-stop at the food trucks!



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The schedule is out! Start planning your weekend at AIM now. See you on the camp grounds!


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