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Space Miami resident ALX has joined up with NYC based label, De-Noize Records to deliver more techno goodness with his “RattledEP. The EP features two original tracks by ALX, along with two remixes– one by Audio Kode and the other, by GGatz.

The first track is ALX’s original version of Rattled – a deep, absorbing track with a heavy, pulsating baseline that keeps you moving about the dance floor. Distant, haunting effects ring out from the background pulling you further into the depths of this dark, techy track.

Next is Audio Kode’s remix.  In this remix of “Rattled,” Audio Kode delivers a lighter and bouncier version than the original. Its infectious rhythm leaves you feeling light on your feet, as the music swells to a climax before releasing into a burst of groovy techno.

The third track is ALX’s second original, Distanced – it’s a quick-paced track, layered in high, crisp percussive sounds that build into frenzy before erupting into a series of deep, minimal effects. All the while, a constant bleeping noise hidden in the background keeps the track moving in a circular rhythm, leaving you curious for more.

Last is the GGatz remix of “Distanced”. In this version, GGatz delivers a slightly slower rendition, while still maintaining the original bleeping noise, which gives the track its unique and continuous groove. A long, deep chord is added to give the remix a ghostly essence, before the countdown of frantic beeping explodes into a valley of thunderous bass.

“Rattled” is an impressive EP put forth by Space Miami’s main man, confirming that ALX has got his feet firmly planted in the techno arena.