Fusing Rhythm & Melody: The Sounds of Bedouin


New York has long been a thriving home for the world of music. It is the birthplace of hip hop, disco and punk rock, while also maintaining a stronghold on the popular genres of jazz, rock and the blues. Thus, as we turn our focus towards the sounds of the underground, it should come as no surprise that many of today’s prevalent DJ-Producers choose New York as their place of dwelling.

Rami Abousabe and Tamer Maki make up the dynamic Brooklyn-based duo Bedouin. Combining their Middle Eastern heritage with their Western upbringing, the pair create an exceptional sound, fixed by melody and rhythm. Their sets resonate on the most primal levels, tapping into your emotions and making dance floors move in an instinctive nature that’s magical to witness!

Today, Bedouin remains one of the most sought-after duos in the dance music world. This week, Canadians are fortunate enough to get a double dose of the talented twosome. This past Sunday, Bedouin headlined the season opener of Toronto’s event series, Summerdaze at the Steam Whistle Brewery for what was an incredible kick off to summer 2016! In addition, Bedouin will take over Montreal’s world-renowned nightclub, Stereo this Sunday, May 22nd alongside Henrik Schwarz and Adam Husa. We here at Godzilla Disco were fortunate enough to catch up with the busy duo, who kindly let us take a peak into their lives as world-touring DJ-Producers.

During the start of your careers, did you face any challenges from friends and family?

Im not sure if there are many parents out there who would support the idea of their kids pursuing musical careers, rather than becoming doctors or lawyers, but I feel that level of challenge was healthy for me at the time.

How did you two meet each other, and subsequently discover your shared love for music?

We had met briefly at one party or another and then not much later were reintroduced through a mutual friend at the time who coincidentally shared a cab with Tamer to the airport in Mexico.  It was around then when we connected to share music and eventually started working together.

In what ways do you feed off each other in the studio? 

In the studio we both have our own DAWs synched via midi timecode, so we’re able to jam out kind of like a band and inspire each other that way.

This month, you’ve got 2 great Canadian gigs planned. The first in Toronto at Summerdaze and the other, in Montreal at Stereo. Can you share with us any stories/ memories of your times playing in these cities? 

We have played both Summerdaze in Toronto as well as Stereo in Montreal previously, and both are amazing experiences really.  The outdoor stage at Summerdaze tucked away on a small island only accessible by boat was an amazing time last year … and of course the legendary late nights of Stereo Montreal. I’m not sure there is a more die hard culture outside of Brooklyn and Beirut 😉

Is there anything else you’ll try to do when visiting Toronto or Montreal?

We always wish we stay a bit longer in cities we visit to explore it with the locals. Both are beautiful cities especially during spring time…

Being based in Brooklyn, what’s your #1 pre-gig spot to grab a bite in New York? 

Balade on First Ave in Manhattan


Meeting likeminded individuals all over the world who truly inspire one another. Creating genuine relationships with people from all walks of life who share true love for music.

Besides the music, what’s your favourite part about working in this industry? 

Meeting likeminded individuals all over the world who truly inspire one another. Creating genuine relationships with people from all walks of life who share true love for music.

What’s your least favourite part? 

Long flights and middle seats on planes.

Tell us about your rider ~ what needs to be at the gig?

4 CDJs and 1 Xone 92 from AH.  We drink mostly water but the occasional JW Black or Blue if were really luckyJ or even better… Some nice Mezcal.

Looking ahead to the summer of 2016, what are your goals musically speaking?

Looking ahead right now we’re getting ready to move to Europe for our Ibiza residencies this summer… So tying up loose ends at our studio in Brooklyn and scheduling all of our releases this year, starting with our Compilation Album coming Out on Kindisch very soon.

And what are your goals unrelated to music?

Outside of music, the tiny amount of time we have is normally spent with our family and friends. 

Special thanks to Rami & Tamer for chatting with us.
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