Bonobo Ends His Migration Tour at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton


When an artist of Bonobo’s stature comes to town, you can only hope that his powerful performance will be showcased at an equally dazzling venue. Well, this summer that’s exactly what will take place. Experience the alchemy of English live-electronica musician Bonobo when he gives a rare performance at Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Gardens.  Bonobo’s rise has been stealthy but unstoppable, and Simon Green, the man behind it all, is now one of the biggest electronic artists of our time. This past year’s Migration album was one of his biggest successes to date, claiming a Top 5 position in the UK and a nomination for best Dance/ Electronica album at The Grammy’s, marking his breakthrough in America.

On July 7, Bonobo will be joined by French sensational act St. Germain and the UK’s Elderbrook for a remarkable evening of music, which will mark the final headlining set on the Migration tour. As the largest botanical garden in Canada, Royal Botanical Gardens provides visitors with a world in which everyone is awakened to the beauty, diversity and necessity of plant life. Considering the pastoral undertones of Bonobo’s music, we couldn’t think of a more fitting backdrop for this scared performance! Grab your tickets here, this one is sure to sell quick!