Sydney Blu’s ‘Bouncin’ EP is 3 for 3!


On November 25, Sydney Blu delivers via Playmobil one of her highest energy EPs to-date. Appropriately titled Bouncin, the 3-track release is something of an early Christmas present, with each song bearing the gift of fiery house music in its own unique way. Let’s get straight to unwrapping:

Some beats are irresistible to that objective, uncontrollable rhythm within the body. Example? Bouncin. Listen closely and this track sounds like a deep, modern spin on something you house-vets may have heard at Chicago’s Warehouse in ’88.

Next, what happens when you lay down a bold, female monologue on top of a relentlessly assertive tech-house mix? You get Jackrabbit, one heck of a feisty track which absolutely demands your attention. Listen up, fellas.

Finally, the high-pitched and radiating vocals of What I Need make this release the sexiest of the trio. With plenty vim and vigor, What I Need plays out for a delectable 7-minutes (in heaven).

Catch Sydney Blu spinning her brand-new EP live, on tour with the world’s largest cross-continent yacht festival, Groove Cruise.

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