Brian Cid & Miss Melera Talk About Toronto, Playing Together, Artistry + More!


Ozmozis has steadily solidified themselves as one of the most respected promotional teams among Toronto’s electronic music community. Over the past 8 years they’ve educated music lovers by bringing fresh talent to the city, while maintaining a brand that is strongly rooted in the sounds of deep, progressive house. Two names in particular who have become synonymous with ‘Ozmozis’ are Brian Cid and Miss Melera. Both artists have climbed their way to the forefront of the international stage, while simultaneously carving out a unique relationship with Toronto. Thus, when it was announced that Brian Cid and Miss Melera would join us together for the very first time at CODA on October 13, we could hardly contain ourselves! It turns out that they are equally excited…

Welcome Brian & Miss Melera! We’re really excited to have you back in Toronto at CODA on October 13! You’ve both established strong relationships with fans here thanks to the Ozmozis team. In your experiences, how important are artist-promoter relationships? How does it effect the overall success of an event?

BC: Thanks for having me, Toronto has become one of my favourite cities to visit and play. The artist-promoter relationship is always very special and maybe the most important one as well. There needs to be a deep understanding and commitment to achieve their respective goals. One compliments the other so respect and trust is a must. The audience is always the main focus. Oz is the best at what he does and I have nothing but appreciation for his work ethic. He has been elevating the Toronto electronic music scene for the past years and this is only the beginning. Very pleased and grateful to be part of the family!

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MM: I am super excited as well ! I’m so happy to see my friends and indeed my relationship with the Ozmozis team and many others in Canada have become special to me. I’m sure it does influence the atmosphere in a positive way. For me, it’s important to feel comfortable. There is not always enough time to hang out and to get to know each other. But in the end, we have the same ideas: make the event one to remember!

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We have the same ideas: make the event one to remember! — Miss Melera

This will be your first time playing with one another. What do you know about each other heading into the night? Will it be a b2b or will you each have your own set times?

BC: It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with talented artists from all around the world, in this case Amsterdam. Miss Melera has been earning a lot of respect within the scene and I promise an amazing night. Let’s make her feel welcome and leave a little mystery to the night.

MM: I’ve never met Brian before, but I do know him from his productions and  I play some of his tracks as well. I’m looking forward to meeting him and I’m curious about his set. Even more because friends of mine are always positive about him, his personality and most important about his music.

Brian — you’re a machine in the studio! We’re always in awe of the the quality and speed at which you turn out productions. What have been some of the best lessons you’ve learned inside the studio? Are there any challenges you continue to face when sitting down?

BC: The studio has been my temple where I’ve found myself as an artist and as a person. For me, it’s always been a place where I open up and share my all. I’ve learned to understand how to handle creativity, respect the process of making music, express myself and how to make it a pleasant experience even when creativity is not flowing as I want. It can never be forced. We should learn to understand when we can perform our best. It’s always challenging to collaborate with someone else. Very difficult to find a work flow, but once it’s found, it becomes magical.

To me, this is more than a career. It’s a lifestyle – a responsibility and a commitment to share my being through my art. — Brian Cid

Do you have any rituals before entering the studio to allow the clearest/ most creative mind?

BC: I wouldn’t say ritual but I like to make music during the day when my body and mind are filled with fresh energy. I prefer to produce sober and don’t mind having distractions. Distractions help me keep my ears fresh and not oversaturate my senses. The goal is to keep the creativity flowing freely and never force it. Never get to the point of frustration and disappointment because this is when all goes wrong. It helps to be fluent using your gear, this way all your energy can be toward the creative and not the technical.

Miss Melera, your Colourizon podcast + event series has attained incredible success! What is the most difficult part about producing a monthly podcast series?

MM: This month I’m celebrating my 5th anniversary with Colourizon and episode 61 is coming up. Actually, there is not really a difficult part about producing the podcast every month. It doesn’t feel difficult because I love what I do and I enjoy to make every month a new show . The only ‘problem’ is the fact that I don’t have so much time to explore new music and stay up to date when I’m touring. I’m a perfectionist and it takes some time for me to be satisfied, but I always find a way to create a new story.

What future plans do you have for Colourizon — any events planned during ADE?

MM: I’m organizing a Colourizon Live Edition at Amsterdam Dance Event together with Pleinvrees. I invited Fideles, Andhim, Gabriel Ananda b2b Dominik Eulberg *live, Henry Saiz, Paji *live and I’ll be closing the night. The other room is hosted by Hungry Music, the label from Worakls, N’to and Joachim Pastor. If you’re around hop by on Thursday, October 19!

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Brian, you’re very vocal on your socials, with many reflective thoughts. There’s a great deal of chaos in the world right now — do political/ environmental/ social issues ever provoke your music? What do you feel your role as an artist in today’s world is?

BC: Yes of course it provokes my music. ‘Belles Du Shaman’ is a song honoring the stolen lands of Native Americans. ‘Blue Dawn’ was inspired by the chaos of the fugitives of Middle East. I try to use my platform to give people a bit of hope, encouragement, understanding, motivation and a reminder that peace, beauty and joy lives within all of us. To me, this is more than a career. It’s a lifestyle – a responsibility and a commitment to share my being through my art.

OK, now something a bit lighter! As far as sets that you got to enjoy as an audience member — who & where is the last time you found yourself mind-blown by an artist?

BC: It’s been years since I’ve felt mind-blown by an artist. As I embed myself in the music more and more I find it hard to find someone impressive, but I do find lots of inspiration in other genres like jazz, ethnic music, Spanish rhythms and even hip hop. Check out this guy A-F-R-O if you miss oldskool lyrical Hip Hop 🙂

Miss Melera, what is one of your favourite tracks at this very moment?

MC: Eelke Kleijn – De Orde van de Nacht is absolutely a favourite of the moment. Also, the new album from Bicep is so well produced. Lovely melodies, beautiful transitions, different feelings in each track and very inspiring. Well worth listening!

 Thank-you to Miss Melera & Brian Cid for taking the time to chat with us! Get your tickets for October 13 here.

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