From Epizode to Godzilla Disco, Dan Buri is Captivating Listeners Around the World

Dan Buri performing at Epizode Festival, 2017
Dan Buri performing at Epizode Festival, 2017

The last few weeks have certainly been an adventure for Thai DJ-Producer Dan Buri. Having just returned from Vietnam, where Buri played Epizode Festival for the second year in a row, the adrenaline and insomnia were both inevitably waiting at his Bangkok home. The 11-day party marathon was set upon the picturesque island of Phú Quóc where festival-goers travelled from all corners of the globe to surrender their souls to music. Attendees were able to catch Dan Buri on two occasions; once at the EGG Stage and again, the following evening at the main stage where he set the tone for HYTE’s highly anticipated showcase. Today, Dan Buri manifests some of that magic into our latest Godzilla Disco mix. We invite you to sit back and close your eyes, as we introduce Dan Buri…

First and foremost, tell us a bit about the mix you’ve made for us here today. Was there a particular mood you were going for/ sound you wanted to explore?

As a post-EPIZODE mix, I have prepared a blend of my two aliases Dan Buri and Bahtik. I have always played with the idea to fuse both styles into a mix, blending the organic and ethnic sounds of Bahtik with the more progressive and driving style of Dan Buri.  Let’s call it Bahtik vs Buri 🙂

We first came across you and your music a few years ago during our travels through Bangkok. Tell us a bit about your story; where did you grow up? What were your earliest experiences with music? How did you get your start in electronic music?

My story starts in the 90s with Hip Hop, Soul and RnB. I was always fascinated by the vibe and realness of the songs and I started to write my own lyrics and record my own rap songs. In 2008 I was introduced into the electronic music scene by friends who were DJing in the clubs of my hometown and it was really all about the energy of the dance floor that gave me the chills. I wanted to be part of the scene and express myself that way. I got into the production side of it first, and then started to become a DJ afterwards. My setup at that time: two belt driven relook turntables and a two channel behringer mixer on my ironing board.

Last year you played the inaugural event of Epizode in Phú Quóc, where you’ve just returned from once again! What were your experiences with the festival?

I already had a bit of an idea of what stands behind EPIZODE (Kazantip). Through my friend Paolo from Bermudos in Phuket, I got a booking at the EGGS stage, where I played this year as well. From the very first year, you could feel the magic;  the unity, the vibe, the people you meet, the art, everything is in sync! This year, the line up was definitely the biggest I have seen in South East Asia, with top notch names like Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and Gui Borratto. I mean, these kind of names you normally see at BPM or IBIZA. The fact that this happens now around the corner is very exciting.

Epizode Festival 2017

Epizode Festival 2017

Epizode Festival, 2017

Epizode Festival, 2017

For someone who has never been to the festival or to Vietnam — what would you tell them about the music scene over there?

As I live in Bangkok I am not really the right person to talk about the scene, as I can only scratch the surface of the depth of their club scene. But as far as I can see, there is a great development happening right now, with Quest Festival and EPIZODE on the forefront of Festival experiences, we can only be happy to see that the music is reaching the people’s hearts.

Who are some other local DJs who played the festival that you would urge people to check out?

Of course my friends from SAE who are very talented and enthusiastic in what they do like Sunju Hargun, DOTT, Zig Zach and Ocean Lam. Not really regional anymore, but Thai export is NAKADIA to be checked out.

We understand that you are also a founder at Neverest Recordings. Tell us about your imprint; when did the project start? What are some of your ‘proudest’ releases? What do you have coming out?

Neverest came to life in June last year and we have released around 7 EPs as of today. Our most selling EP is Rory Gallagher’s “The Brain EP” but we are proud with every EP which finds its way to us, as we really encourage the young talents and newcomers to send us their tracks. Giving them the chance to be heard and find more support in the world of electronic music is very important to us, as we try to push the boundaries of Asia’s upcoming scene.

The next EP will be one of my tracks called “Himalaya” and comes with a bomb remix pack by the names of Dilee D, Hawie and Danito & Athina.

A major goal for 2018…

More releases, Burning Man 2018, my first trip to IBIZA and bringing Bangkok’s scene on the worlds map!

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