Vietnam’s Epizode Announces Daily Festival Program

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We couldn’t dream of a better way to kick off 2018 than dancing beneath the stars, on the hidden beaches of Vietnam, while world-class DJs paint the soundtrack to our surroundings. Epizode 2 is back on the exotic island of Phú Quóc this December 31- January 10 with a line-up that will blow your mind.

For 11 days straight, music lovers from every corner of the world will gather to celebrate nature, music, friendship and a new  year! Epizode has just announced the daily program which will feature a combination of international and local underground talent including Âme, Carl Cox, Dixon, Guti and many, many more! Travellers pull out your day-planners because along with a wealth of local cultural trips, delicious Vietnamese cuisine, beach-side yoga and deep-sea diving, there will be no shortage of music! Check it out:

epizode big daily program

Epizode daily program

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This year marks the second instalment of Epizode; a remarkable feat for a festival just 2 years young! However, Epizode’s roots date back to the legendary project Kazantip. In a recent interview with Dancing Astronaut, Music Director Roustam Mirzoev discussed Epizode’s evoltuion:

“The roots of Epizode are undoubtedly coming from the legendary project Kazantip Republic. The president of Kazantip – Nikita Marshunok and his core team – were doing just the same more than two decades at the Crimea peninsula, since 1991. Then they moved the event from there in order to ensure that the visitors will be safe in 2014, and were looking for a proper location which would be suitable not just for a one-time event but to settle permanently. After several attempts, we finally landed on Phu Quoc, working together with the great people from Mikhail Danilov’s Sagrado Corp. from Moscow. So this is essentially a continuation of Kazantip, but better and more exotic than ever before! The name “Epizode” came to us in 2016 and I think it matches our ideology even more. I have been personally heavily involved since this year’s edition, while having the honor of playing Kazantip Festival and organizing events there many times before, so was already really familiar with the team. It was always a highlight of my touring schedule for obvious reasons.”

For more information on Epizode and to purchase tickets, visit the Epizode website here. See you on the other side!

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