Bust Out Your Dancing Shoes! Flabbergast Shares Their StereoBar Set

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Flabbergastthe project uniting Montreal-natives Vincent Lemieux and Guillaume Coutu Dumont have been gaining recent attention for their dynamic improvised/ DJ-live/ b2b sets. So you can imagine how surprised-astonished-truly flabbergasted we were to discover that this duo has actually been in the making for more than a decade. Both icons in their own right; Vincent Lemieux, “the Don of Montreal electronic music scene” holds titles as DJ, record dealer, Mutek programmer, Musique Risquée label cofounder and producer, and Guillaume Coutu Dumont, best known as “Guillaume&theCoutuDumonts” is known for his productions and remixes on label such as Musique Risquée, Meander, Circus Company, Oslo, Haunt and many more.

This Saturday, October 21 Toronto’s music worshipers will be able to catch this pair in action when N5TD brings you edition 004 to their warehouse location in the east end. Curious to know what they’ll be dishing up? We were lucky to snag Flabbergast’s set, recorded live at StereoBar this past April and while we’re just sharing part 1 with you here today, we’re confident that it’s enough to get you committing to the real-life version on Saturday 😉


Flabbergast was initiated a decade ago, but your first release was just in 2015. Why the wait? What was taking place in those 10 years & what changed in 2015 for you to finally put out an ‘official’ Flabbergast record?

Yeah, we know… it took some time. Actually, we released our first track in 2004. It was a remix for Crackhaus (Deadbeat and Stephen Beaupré) album. We kept on doing music when we could over the course of the next 10 years, but in 2007 Guillaume moved to Europe. So it wasn’t that easy to get together in the studio anymore.  Since 2010 we started playing those DJ-live hybrid sets more and more. We really enjoy those, as they are always surprising to both of us. So we thought we should try to kick it up a notch in our productions and we managed to squeeze out some studio time whenever we were visiting one another.

In 2016, Guillaume moved back to Montreal and we started making music like maniacs.

How did the two of you meet? Can you recall you your first introduction? 

Guillaume: I remember seeing Vince for the first time at a party at Alain Mongeau’s cottage in Frelighsburg. He played in the morning. But I actually don’t remember the first time we spoke to one another.

Vince: It’s a bit blurry. Maybe it was blurry when we met, maybe it’s blurry now because we met too often since then. But I do remember we hit it off pretty quick.

Besides similar tastes in music, what would you say is the main thing that creates the synergy of Flabbergast?

A capacity to laugh at just about anything in the world and a fully furnished kitchen that allows us to cook really good lunches for ourselves when we get together in the studio.

 I would say there’s too many people who take themselves too seriously and maybe not enough humour.

What’s the deal with today’s scene? What do we have too much of? What is there not enough of?

The easy answer to those 2 question would be bad and good music. But I think like any scene it’s going through phases. We’ve been around long enough to know that. But if you want something more specific, I would say there’s too many people who take themselves too seriously and maybe not enough humour.

Talk about this killer (4 hour) set taken from StereoBar, which we are happy to share part 1 of today. What was the date? What was the vibe? Can you recall any highlights from the evening?

Guillaume: It was the 28th of April. I remember it was a really good party. I also remember Vince not being super happy with the result and thought to myself “wow, I’m really out of it… because I had a great memory of most of it.” The day after Vince texted me saying something like: forget about what I said, it sounds dope.

I remember it was a great party. A friend of our’s came to the party and was rocking it until the closing… and some more at the little get together we had at my place later on.

Vince: Guillaume is right. Usually I know when it works, but this time I was wrong, That’s why recordings are good. You can have a clearer view of it after. But I have to say, the opposite happens as well.

Besides your gig in Toronto on October 21, is there anything else coming up for Flabbergast that you’d like our readers to know?

We are playing in Japan together on November 2nd at WOMB in Tokyo. We just signed with 2 new agencies, so things are shaping up nicely for the months to come.  Other then that, we spend a lot of time in the studio working on a new EP and also an album. More on that to follow.

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