Funk x Rish Give Us Something to Obsess About!


There’s no sound that better embodies the upbeat, feel good, let’s get down and boogie essence than classic House music. The jacking 4/4 beats… the high hat cymbals… the warm, soulful vocals… together, these combinations of sound bring dance floors to life! Perhaps Mr. Fingers said it best when they triumphantly declared “house music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all.” If you ask us, today’s world could use a little more House. So, when we heard Toronto-based duo Funk x Rish’s remix of Animotion’s ‘Obsession’, we knew we had to share it with you.

Resurrecting the iconic 80’s theme song from Fashion Television, Funk x Rish put a deeper, groovier twist on the track, mixing in elements of House and Hip Hop to result in an incredibly infectious product. Their remix pays homage to Animotion, maintaining the OG vocals “You’re my obsession”, which sporadically call out to the satisfaction of our ears. The striking pop-styled synths, juxtaposed with the sexy, low slung bass creates an incredible energy! Reminding us that at the heart of dance music is its purpose to bring joy, Funk x Rish give us something to sing, dance and feel good about! Check out the free download link below.

Download your free copy of Funk x Rish’s ‘Obsession’ here.
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