Good Company Records Unleashes ‘A Family Affair AKA That Mary J Shit Vol. 1’


Nothing beats good company. That’s exactly the mantra Brooklyn-based Good Company Records has chosen to embrace as a label, most recently in the form of an 11-track artist compilation aptly titled A Family Affair A.K.A. That Mary J Shit Vol. 1set to release October 28.

Established in 2014, GCR is a digital and vinyl production label that rounds up some of house music’s finest masterminds into one big (and constantly expanding), happy family.

With support from Maya Jane Coles, Danny Tenagila, and Maceo Plex, in addition to this being GRC’s first ever artist compilation, we decided to review the release by granting each track a special award in a category where we believe it steals the show.

Best Track to Wake Up to… N’Conduit – “Jinn”

Unflustered, airy, up-beat, and tranquil but with just the right amount of bass to get you moving— every morning should feel like “Jinn” sounds.

Best Track to Roll-Up A Fat One… Beartrax & After Touch – “Tricky to Tame”

A slow, intricate build, which at last results in something beautiful and soothing… Are we talking about the perfect J or “Tricky to Tame”? Perhaps both? You tell us.

Best Track for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon… Audioprophecy & Anton M. feat. Bart&Baker – “Windows of the World”

Nothing says take it easy like the jazzy piano in “Windows of the World.” It’s Sunday, you worked all week and partied all weekend. Now you can relax, groove out, and indulge in a little lazy Sunday, late afternoon.

Best Track to Cook Up a Storm to… Roddy & Rusty – “Going Under”

Cooking, like all aspects of life, deserves a great soundtrack. Sync up your chopping skills with the bumpin’ rhythm of “Going Under.”

Best Track to Put You In A Good Mood… Salvione & Whatsgoodbut – “Can’t Take It”

It’s impossible to feel down and out while listening to “Can’t Take It,” and that alone is reason enough to press the repeat button.

Best Track to Get Hot and Bothered to… M.P.C. – “Hot”

This one is sexy served up ’70s style. “Hot” combines classic disco house, bright vocals, and a deep, invigorating bass line. Dim the lights. Cue the music.

Best Track to Listen to While in Transit… Brian Best – “If You Had”

Certain songs make the act of walking from one place to another that much more enjoyable. The music becomes a soundtrack to your most basic movements, and the up-tempo “If You Had” definitely puts that pep in your step.

Best Track to Get Your Pre-Game On… Chris Patrick – “Give” 

This jacking house track has got everything you need to start the party. If “Give” doesn’t make you want to dance, we don’t know what will.

Best Track to Work Up a Sweat to… Sean Cormac – “Keep High”

The drum track in this song is exactly the sort of boost you need to make you want to sweat. Plus, when paired with bursting rhythm and high-energy vocals, the resulting beat is sure to inspire another rep.

Best Track to Get ‘er Done to… Chris Luzz – “Perseverance”

Playing music while trying to get work done requires the kind of tunes that are stimulating without being distracting. A track like this almost has to enter your subconscious and drive you from within. We think “Perseverance” is that kind of track.

Best Track to Listen to Before Bed… Johnny Vaz – “Takke”

There’s something tremendously calming about “Takke,” which makes it the perfect track to help you clear your mind and prepare for some serious Zzzz’s.

‘A Family Affair AKA That Mary J Shit Vol. 1’ will be out October 28.

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