Music in 2018 with Hernan Cattaneo

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As we celebrate another year around the sun, it’s striking to look back on all the ways that music touched our hearts. Whether it was a celebratory moment gathered on the dance floor, or alone in space — music has the profound ability to put our feelings into sound. When there’s no words to describe the pain or joy, there’s a song to escape with. So, what were the stories being told in 2018? How did the world turn to music to orchestrate our lives?

We’ve rounded up our most-respected producers and leaders in the scene to share their stories with music. To reflect on 2018, and think critically about where the industry stands and where it’s headed. There’s no better artist to start with than Hernan Cattaneo. The Argentinian musician has grown alongside the industry for more than three decades. His passion, humility and wisdom have inspired hundreds of artists before and after him. Here to talk about ‘Music In 2018’, it’s Hernan Cattaneo.

The most impactful moment I had in the studio this year was… 

It wasn’t in the studio, but outside of my usual DJ world. We did an symphonic concert of electronic music in Argentina at one of the top opera houses in the world. There were 64 people on stage – quite a challenge for a DJ that doesn’t read music!

We wanted to show our music to a wider and more conservative audience and it went so well that we sold out 4 shows in a row + a free open air one for 40,000 people!

Every year when I go to Burning Man, I can’t help to think why so many people behave in a cool way while there, but can’t keep that attitude all year round.

The biggest challenge I saw within the electronic music industry in 2018 was…

After the EDM world domination, the whole electronic music scene expanded big time, and later on divided itself into many niche sub-genres. So, it’s been great to see now how each genre is building stronger by its own leading DJs, producers  and followers, and can stay alive and prolific without needing to be trendy like before when only the sound of the moment could really work and evolve.

Discuss a political/ environmental/ world event from 2018 that affected you on an emotional, spiritual or physical level.

Every year when I go to Burning Man, I can’t help to think why so many people behave in a cool way while there, but can’t keep that attitude all year round – we talk about this with many DJ friends that think the same way.

In 2018, I feel music helped people to…

Escape a bit from this disappointing world situation created by horrible politicians all over the place.

The biggest question that has been on my/our mind lately is…

How we overturn the above and as a father, how we secure a good place for our children.

5 years from now, I’d like to see the industry evolve in the following ways…

I think the music scene is quite healthy now, but I’m not sure about the industry.

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