Igor Vicente Takes Over the Godzilla Disco Airwaves with a Chilean Bordeaux-worthy Mix!

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“We go to clubs to escape and be wild, find new friends, forget sleep and make magic happen.” Igor Vicente’s philosophy on music and club culture hits the nail on the head. If there’s one place that the multifaceted artist belongs, it’s in the booth, guiding the musical journey for whatever crowd may be in ear’s reach. Vicente’s unique sound is built up over 4 or 5 hours, creating a smooth blend of House and Techno that takes listeners on an exceptional ride. Founder of the infamous Wildfamily parties and vinyl-exclusive imprint State of Flow, Igor Vicenete is a frequent name among major labels including Hot Creations, Mobilee, Get Physical and more. As part of our next Godzilla Disco Podcast series, we are honoured to welcome the Belgian DJ-Producer to the mixing board. Although one hour does not come close to giving justice to Vicente’s sonic abilities, it’s a small taste of his unique, quirky and above all, GROOVY sound. Happy Monday!

Let’s talk a bit about your first party series, Wildfamily. What’s the greatest thing you learned from organizing these shows, that you wouldn’t have otherwise known had you not entered the promotion biz?

It’s all about the name. Decadance was the right place to do this. I like simple things – good sound, right walls, loving crowd. The first time I went there I was like “Wow, I belong to this place. I wanna do something here.” It was the start in my head back in 2004 and from then I just went with the flow. I was the first to invite DJs who are now super stars. Wildfamily gave me the chance to learn about how to drive a crowd and play for the love of the never-ending. Wildfamily is my all – a real soul and source of smiles. We just were going wild – it’s me and I will always see things like this. We go to clubs to escape and be wild, find new friends, forget sleep and make magic happen.

You now have State of Flow, both the title of your residency at Fuse in Brussels and your vinyl-only label. What’s the appeal of an exclusively vinyl label?

I just didn’t have enough money to make it all. SOF is my 2nd baby and I don’t want to use investors. I had the money to release on vinyl without promo systems so I did a vinyl one because the music of SOF has to be timeless and so to be printed. SOF started as my residency at Fuse, and then the idea of a label record came. It’s a way for me express what I think of music and to continue a legacy and excitement to discover songs that have to be heard.

I like simple things – good sound, right walls, loving crowd.

You’re formally a member of the electronic duo, Ultrasone with Vernon Bara. Since pursuing a solo career, what’s a biggest part you miss about working as a creative pair?

Our studio sessions were next level. In such a short time we described our tastes. It was amazing and I miss it a lot, but for the record, Ultrasone will be back soon.

You’ve been releasing on Lee Foss and Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations imprint for some time now. What is it about the label’s musical philosophy that drives you to continue to work with them?

I like to keep working with Jamie. I’ve known him for 10 years – he was my first international guest back in 2007 at “Wildfamily” and his label is pro and comes with lots of exposure. I also appreciate his advice, which he always takes the time to give to make sure the music is strong. The label takes chances, has lead the way, and is stronger than ever with a very strong business that now goes hand in hand with underground music.

As our feature artist in this week’s Godzilla Disco Podcast, can you talk a bit about the music, mood, etc. that inspired you on this mix? Do you have any personal rituals you partake in before you sit down and work on an hour piece?

My rituals – lol – no I don’t have. I love to play and communicate. DJing is an escape for me, a real way to express what happens in my life and to translate it. My moods jump a lot and are reflected in my music – well I guess every DJ has this 🙂 Doing a one hour mix is not really my cup of tea, as I’m a big fan and protector of long sets of 6-8h. So most of the time I just play for hours and cut the 1h part when I have to make a short mix. All of this with a bottle of red wine, especially a Grave or Chilean Bordeaux. I like also to invite some friends and make it cozy. (Ok, I admit, it always ends up in a party at mine…)

Special thanks to Igor Vicente for gifting us with this FIRE mix!

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