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When is the last time you found yourself standing with your hand on the “big silver ball that makes your hair stand up” at the Ontario Science Centre? Otherwise known as the Van de Graaff generator, this was a childhood favourite on all class field trips. You can come re-live the nostalgia this Friday July 24th, as Innervisions makes its Canadian debut with label bosses Dixon and Âme – alongside Solar, J. Phlip and local support from Jonathan Rosa, Gera and Night Vision at the Ontario Science Centre.

Innervisions is known for hosting its label party in unique spaces around the world. Spaces like a 375-year-old Spanish castle, Island Sea forts or a tiny UK Island called Osea. We spoke with Jeremy Kesten of Toronto’s production and promotional company, Platform – one of the three partners responsible for making Innervisions happen! Here’s what went down:

crazy hair

What made Platform, Footwork and Embrace come together to bring Innervisions to Toronto?

Each group brings something different to the table in terms of organization, and we each have our own audiences that we connect with. The Science Centre is an amazing venue, and has a lot of room to work with. We wanted to work together, to get everyone out, in the numbers that make the space work they way it should.

 So, why at the Science Centre?

We’ve brought Dixon to Electric Island in the past, and Amé was present at the opening of CODA. We’ve been itching to do an Innervisions party, but it had to be something really special. When they do an Innervisions party in Mexico at the BPM Festival, it’s at a private beach lagoon, or in Europe — they strive for remote island venues for the Lost In A Moment series. It really has to be something special to get their attention, and we felt the Science Centre was the perfect fit.

Sometimes you have to switch it up and expand the dance music experience. The Ontario Science Centre has been one of those mysterious spaces we haven’t heard about since the early dance music explosion in the 1990’s. We are happy to have the opportunity to work there, and share this experience with the new generation.


Were there any obstacles with it also being the PanAM Games?

Since it’s PanAm games and there is still the regular Science Centre traffic every day, the setup and shutdown time needs to happen fast. We have to be mindful of the other uses of the space and plan accordingly to be sensitive to the tight schedule of the venue. Some customers were concerned about transportation, so recently we’ve added a free bus service from downtown for advance ticket holders. Transportation and bus info is available on the Facebook event page.

How did your team lock in Innervisions?

They were booking a tour in North America, as they are also playing in NYC for Cityfox this Saturday. We were offered a chance to present an Innervisions showcase in Toronto and we felt this was the most unique way we could do it and they liked the concept.

We’re all dying to know: will the exhibitions be open to use?

In addition to the main Innervisions concert hall in the upper atrium with Dixon, Amé and Solar, there is a second room of sound with J. Phlip (Dirty Bird), Jonathan Rosa, Gera and Night Vision on the Lower Level 6. Close to this area, there are lots of great science exhibition zones to check out that will be open all night. Currently the Science Centre has exhibitions such as The Living Earth, Science Arcade, The Innovation Centre, The Human Edge and more!

Would you say that Innervisions goes above and beyond the ordinary label showcase?

I’ve attended Innervisions showcases in Mexico, and I’d have to say they really know how to take the audience on a musical journey. Innervisions sound combined with a special venue experience really shines. This is part of why they’ve been so successful, recognizing this and demanding it on tours. The Innervisions showcase is an experience into sound, but it is also a unique venue experience and this combination makes a very memorable event!

Don’t forget: You can find the “big silver ball that makes your hair stand up” on level 6 in the Science Arcade, next to Living Earth.

Tickets for Innervisions are still available for purchase!