The #TourChronicles Ft. Josh Butler

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This Saturday, November 18, Toronto will get a visit from one of Britain’s rising House acts; Josh Butler has upheld his name since the global explosion of ‘Got a Feeling’ back in 2013, confirming that this North-Englander is much more than a one hit wonder.  Last year, Butler launched his very own Origins imprint, which has welcomed the likes of Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, Robert Owens and Santé to the label. Butler’s show at ONE LOFT marks the final stop on his North American tour before returning to the UK, making him the perfect candidate for our latest edition of the #TourChronicles.

One of my worst airport experiences was…

Missing my flight to Queenstown, New Zealand from Manchester, England!! By the time I arrived in Queenstown it was 12am and I went straight from the airport to the club after traveling for nearly 30 hours. I arrived, had a shot of tequila and a beer, played for 3 hours… then went back to the airport at 8am for another flight haha! Mad.

The best airport for a long lay-over is…

I’m not actually sure I’d call any time spent in an airport the best!? haha.

One of the most ‘surprising’ gigs within the past 6 months was…

One of the gigs that springs to mind is Nocturnal Wonderland in LA. This was my very first US festival so I was kind of unsure what to expect but it was amazing!! It was one of my favourite gigs of the summer actually.

Josh Butler, performing at Nocturnal Wonderland Photo by: Dilatev

Josh Butler, performing at Nocturnal Wonderland
Photo by: Dilatev

Name one new city that you haven’t played, but would like to visit/perform in 2017…

One of them will be happening in November whilst I’m on tour, Detroit! It’s been on my list of places to visit for a few years now. Given the music history in the city, I’m really excited to see what it has to offer.

One of my favourite venues in the world to play is… why?

Sankeys, Ibiza! It’s dark, dingy and no frills. Just a stripped out room with a fantastic sound system and dedicated party people!!

Josh Butler at Do Not Sleep, Sankeys 2017

Josh Butler at Do Not Sleep, Sankeys 2017

One of my favourite festivals in the world to play is… why?

Glastonbury! I played on the Genosys stage this year which was insane. The detail and level of production that goes into the stage and Glastonbury in general is next level.

This hotel has the BEST food/ room service…

Jumerirah hotel in Dubai. They do the sickest room service breakfast I’ve ever had!

What is on your rider?  

Vodka and a fridge magnet from the local area.

Where is the weirdest place you’ve been given a demo? 

The lads toilets…

Besides my gig at ONE LOFT, I will try to do this while in Toronto…

My girlfriend has family in Toronto, so we are going to stay for a few extra days and let them be our tour guides to discover all.

My favourite city to after-party in is…

Definitely Montanita, Equador via Lost Beach Club.

Which city feels the most like “home away from home”?

Amsterdam!! I have so much love for The Netherlands and the Dutch people.

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