Lost Boy’s 1987 Album is Indie, Experimental, Electronic and So So Good!

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On January 22, the incredibly talented Talal Chaudhry, better known as Lost Boy presents to the world a 14-track album; 1987 maintains an indie DIY ethos with raw, melancholic vocals, blended with experimental, electronic nuances. Released on Talal’s very own Toronto-based imprint, For the People, 1987 is a well-rounded album with a laid-back, groovy vibe. Today, we’re honoured to premiere the loopy, synth-laden “Dead Flowers”. It’s simple, chugging bassline, paired with a progressive melody and quick bursts of percussion are bound to get your blood boiling.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your album 1987!


When did you have the initial idea ‘I want to make an album’ and what was your motivation? How did you ensure a sense of cohesiveness across the album (14 tracks)? 

I’ve always been making music apart from Talal & Zoi, but never really finished any of the projects. The first song on the album ‘Notise’ was actually the first track that I just happened to finish. That inspired me to start working on an album for Lost Boy. The cohesiveness (if you say there is one! hahaha), I guess comes from me being myself with every track.

I learned to not spend too much time in a day on a single track… to always keep coming back with fresh ears.

Tell us a bit about the creative process for this album; what was the most compelling thing you learned during the project? Were there any other artists that you collaborated with on this?

To be very honest, the best thing I learned from this was to not spend too much time in a day on a single track. To always keep coming back with fresh ears. I was really busy during the beginning of the album, dealing with our label and event brand For The People, Senseless and getting the label going. So, the longest stretch I got to work on a track was max half an hour! I follow that rule even now.

1987, Lost Boy album

1987, Lost Boy album

What is the overall feeling you intended to evoke with 1987? Where do you imagine audiences listening to this album?

Elation. I want to put a big a smile on the listener’s face while getting them moving.

When you look back on the albums released in 2017, who were some stand-out artists for you?

Bonobo’s album ‘Migration’ was definitely up there!

1987 will be released on your very own label For the People; what other projects does FTP have coming up that you’re looking forward to?

More Talal & Zoi stuff will be following the album and some cool new producers from Greece and Pakistan.

What area of the music industry is inspiring you the most right now? (an artist/ piece of gear/ label etc.)

I’m a nerd when it comes to technology. The amount of money I spend or rather ‘invest’ on new softwares and equipment is crazy. Tech is one thing that’s exponentially getting better every year, which constantly gives us ‘electronic’ musicians more exciting options to create with. There are a lot of cool ‘electronic instruments’ coming out on smartphones, as they get faster and more powerful. To be honest, For the People is also working on a smartphone instrument. I can’t divulge too much information at this point though! 

1987 will be out January 22 on For the People

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