Toronto-based artist, Room 303 picks up the mic and makes our hearts dance with his new EP “Since You’ve Gone”, released March 2nd on Stereomono (Italy). The EP is a collaborative effort between Room 303 and Marco Tegui (Peru), and showcases Room 303 exploring more of an electronica sound, as he slows down the tempo and embraces the synthesizer. The intercontinental collaboration brings out an eclectic sound of deep immersive basslines, playful and classic use of synthesizers, beautiful vocals and overall, a well produced EP featuring three tracks:

First up is Since You’ve Gone – The deep hypnotic tempo in this track paints a majestic landscape of tranquility and musical mindfulness.  The bass holds a consistent groove, while an emotive quality is conveyed through the raw vocals, which stimulate a connection to the lyrics. Synths and percussions twinkle around, while a deep and pounding bass moves it forward.

Next is Paradise –  This track takes us through a journey of bouncing synths and high-energy drums & claps. The manipulated vocal and tempo gives “Paradise” an electronica feel and sound. Overall, it’s a catchy and mesmerizing tune.

Last is Money & Time – An atmospheric record shows off the eclectic influence in this EP. With an array of synths, percussions, shakers, and alternating hi-hats; this track encompasses a melodic vibe while maintaining an energetic bassy beat. About halfway in, the vocals break through, building the energy throughout.