The Best of Maya Jane Coles’ “Take Flight”

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For years, Maya Jane Coles has been proving to the world that she is more than just a DJ. Her unique sound and effortless cool-girl aura and has seen her command dance floors and festivals all over the world, always welcomed by herds of adoring fans. Her 4 million fans on social media will agree – Coles is in a class all her own, and there is nothing that will slow her down.

This past August, Coles released Take Flight on her own label I/AM/ME – her most ambitious work to date, the LP boasts 24 sultry, groovy tracks for both on and off the dance floor. Like all of her releases, she has written, produced, engineered, arranged, mixed and performed every track, as well as designing the album art – this self-made powerhouse can do it all.

Following the release, a number of artists have offered their interpretations of ‘Take Flight’, breathing new life into an already masterful collection. The roster includes remixes from Tiger Stripes, M.F.S, Boxia, Wax Wings and Mak & Pasteman, each artist giving one of Maya’s originals a new twist. Here are some of our favourites tracks:

“Weak” – Maya Jane Coles

The first track on the album grips its audiences with hypnotic vocals and psychedelic trip-hop influences. Forward thinking and so genuinely Maya Jane Coles, this is the perfect introduction to ‘Take Flight’.

“Darkside” – Maya Jane Coles featuring Chelou

A departure from the dance floor, ‘Darkside’ is dark indeed. One of the many vocal features on the album, acclaimed singer Chelou has a beautiful chemistry with Maya’s production – the result is a brooding and immersive chant that gets right under your skin.

“Weak” – Maya Jane Coles (Wax Wings Remix)

Wax Wings is no stranger to remixing Maya’s work, providing a rework on her Nocturnal Sunshine project. The original is slowed down and stretched apart, melding low-riding vocals with turned up synths.

Listen to the entire Take Flight album here.