My Favorite Robot Brings Crossing Wires To CODA and Piknic Électronik This Weekend!

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It’s been another tremendous year for our beloved Canadian robots. Jared Simms and Voytek Korab, best known as My Favorite Robot have found themselves nominated by both DJ Mag’s Best of North America Awards and the Ibiza’s DJAwards for ‘Best Label’ and ‘Best Newcomer’. All the while, MFR continue to grow their ‘Crossing Wires’ label showcase, which will touch down in Toronto at CODA and Montreal’s revered Piknic Électronik this weekend! But before they embark on a wild weekend ahead, we snagged some words with these two hard-working, humble dudes that are making Toronto so proud.

Tell us a bit about the name you chose for your label showcases, “Crossing Wires.” How does this phrase relate to what you’re trying to accomplish with each showcase?

We chose the name to keep with the “Robot” theme of our band and label name. We like the kitschy thing but it also suggests the diverse styles of the artists that are part of our crew and that perform at the label showcases.

How do you choose which artists play each showcase that you organize? Is it simply based on availability, or do you consciously pair certain artists with particular styles together?

It’s a bit of both.  Sometimes the location of the showcase plays a large role in the lineup, but we do try to have some cohesion between the artists who perform at each showcase. It’s not always easy to accommodate the artists we want to perform because of their availabilities and geographical locations at the time, but we do our best to build the most exciting lineups we can that properly represent the style and concept of our label.

Do you remember the first-ever Crossing Wires showcase? What was it like?

The first one was at BPM in Mexico in 2014 with Timo Maas headlining. We had done label showcases since day one at BPM, but that one was the first one branded as Crossing Wires.  Timo had just done the Crossing Wires compilation for us and it was a great beach party like only Playa can do. 

We’re very grateful for everyone’s support and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s still in store for our little robot label.

Kenny Glasgow is one of the featured artists in the upcoming Crossing Wires series. What’s the story behind the two of you first meeting Kenny?

We were both fans of Kenny during his Turbo days and long before we met. We finally met when Jared moved to Toronto and met the whole crew: Kenny, Jonny White and Nitin among others.  We all hit it off right away and pre-Art Department Kenny was one of the first artists to release on our label as well. It’s something we’re very proud of and we’re very happy that he remains a supporter and a constant contributor to our label to this day.

This July the Crossing Wires showcase is hitting up CODA in Toronto and Piknic Électronic in Montreal. How would you articulate the difference of feeling between a gig in another country, to a gig in your hometown?

Playing at home is an amazing feeling. We still get nervous but it’s a different type of nervousness. There are way more familiar faces in the crowd which kind of eases the nerves and makes us play more relaxed and adventurous sets. We always try to play our best, but at home there’s always that extra bit of magic. It always brings back memories and the connection with a home crowd is always extra special.

Lastly, My Favorite Robot Records has been nominated for “Best North American Label” by DJ Mag’s Best of North America Awards. As label owners, what does it mean to you to be officially recognized for something you’ve been building for nearly 10 years?

It’s definitely an honour to say the least. When we started this whole thing we never expected it to get to where it is today and to be recognized by a publication of such caliber as DJ Mag is pretty humbling.  If anything, it’s a proud nod to all the artists and people who have supported us over the years and without whom we wouldn’t be here in the first place. We’re very grateful for everyone’s support and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s still in store for our little robot label.

Special thanks to My Favorite Robot for taking the time to chat! Grab tickets to see them in Toronto at CODA or in MTL at Piknic Électronik.

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