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With summer just around the corner, many of us music junkies will pay a visit to the city that never sleeps. Whether it’s Bethel Woods for a little Mysteryland action, some rad spot in Brooklyn for the ultimate Cityfox Experience, or tucked away in a coffee shop, talking the biz with a friend – New York is a hub for music lovers across the globe. But before you make the trip, you should really do your research. And who better to guide you along the way than one of NY’s musically-inclined locals? Meet Milo McBride.

Born and raised in New York City, Milo McBride draws influence from an eclectic range of musical styles. His production employs sounds from various pockets of the world: sonically combining deconstructed digital sounds with organic instrumentation and field recordings. His recent EP, Antika was released on [par•ka] and features 4 original tracks, layered with distorted vocals and charged up basslines, while seamlessly crossing digital and analog waves. Having debuted Antika at Halcyon in Brooklyn, followed by a series of performances in NY, we finally had the chance to chat with Milo on all things music-NY related. Thank-you Milo McBride for being our guide in this episode of #VIEWSFROMNYC


If you could bring back any New York music venue which no longer exists, what venue would you choose? Why?

Paradise Garage. It was one of the first places in NYC where people of different races, sexualities, genders congregated together to celebrate music. The records that were played were seminally eclectic (there are even stories of Larry Levan closing the club to Manuel Gottshing’s minimalist masterpiece, E2-E4) and the soundtrack set a tone for a communal mirth and unity that would catalyze an egalitarian, anti-fascist ideology still practiced today in underground dance music.

It would also be nice to witness Vin Diesel working the door at Tunnel.

What is your go-to spot for post-gig grub in NY?

I have trouble eating after gigs from the adrenaline. I usually buy a carton of almond milk at the nearest bodega and drink it on a stoop.

Name a shop in NY where you can go crate-digging and find some real gems.

There are a plethora of excellent shops these days – Superior Elevation, The Thing, A1, etc…

My favorite sound system to play in New York is located at…

Good Room – that system shakes.

You can typically find me in this borough/district of New York on a…

Friday night: Sleepwalking around North Brooklyn.

Sunday afternoon: Cyberspace / Deep Alpha State.

I discovered <Rrosein NY while he/she was playing at <285 Kent>.

The soundtrack set a tone for a communal mirth and unity that would catalyze an egalitarian, anti-fascist ideology still practiced today in underground dance music.

My very first music industry friend in New York was…

The Devil.

My favourite outdoor venue to catch great music in NY is…

There is certainly an opening for some more of this. Bushwick A/V has a rad open air situation in the summer.


The most embarrassing job I have worked in New York was…

I find no labour embarrassing. Neo-liberal capitalism is the true embarrassment.

The best disco ball in NY resides at…

Black Flamingo. That thing is stunning!

To date, my favourite gig in NY was…

There was a period of playing frequently at Le Bain with my friend Mike Bloom – those gigs were all around top quality.

Of all the songs made about “New York”, the one that gives me the most home-pride is…

I’m Waiting for the Man by The Velvet Underground

Milo McBride is on Facebook// Twitter// Soundcloud

Antika is available for purchase here.