Techno label, refused. has just welcomed another fresh new artist to their roster, Nicola Assi with his EP “Transpose”. Offering up three fine techno tracks, this EP showcases Nicola’s raw talent, intricate sound and impeccable production quality. Studying classical music growing up, Nicola never imagined what doors he would soon discover. After stumbling upon the Italian underground techno scene in his younger years, he quickly realized that his ear was tuned for a different kind of music: one much more obscure and untraditional than what he was exposed to in his studies.

“Transpose” is an energetic, bass-fileld techno indulgence made to make you move. We think you’ll agree…

First up is Uye – This energetic and deeply majestic track features outlandish accents and extraterrestrial voices that echo in the back, while percussions chime and flutter around the bass.

Next is Tree – A darker track, fuelled by urgency in a driving bassline. “Tree” breaks down with a bundle of kick-drums, percussions and hi hats. An energetic techno jam with clean crisp breaks building this track up and moving it forward.

Last on the EP is Upon – This track will get you in a techno frenzy with its winding sounds and pulsing bass. Paired with a deep manipulated groan and jabber to guide us through to the end, “Upon” finsihes this EP off with a bang!