Night Vision Music Celebrates 5 Years With 5 Fresh Tracks

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Trademarked by a diverse range of styles from Canada and beyond, Night Vision Music is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most exciting underground house imprints. The collective nature of their approach to writing music, throwing events, and running a studio has made them stand-outs in their hometown of Edmonton and across boarders. Night Vision Music just celebrated their five year anniversary, releasing a collection of five fresh tracks from its most beloved in-house producers. Featuring Nick Garcia, Dunmore Park, Adam Johan & Trevor Oslo, David Luca & Dailey, and Honeydripper, Night Vision – 5 Years seamlessly weaves together house, funk, soul, and a few surprises for an incomparably groovy collection. We had the chance to chat with each of the artists regarding their contributions. Check it out…

ARTIST: Nick Garcia
TRACK: ‘Delamar’

This track is the perfect celebration song for Night Vision Music’s 5 year anniversary. What does being a part of this collective EP mean to you?

NG: It’s funny because I’m like the token American guy, pretty much everyone else on the label is Canadian.  It was also super random that I even got involved with Night Vision in the first place. But honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s such a beautiful, weird, and wonderful group of people. I went to Edmonton last year to hang with everyone, get some proper face time, and open for Kornél Kovács at one of their parties (what a night!). From the moment Adam (Johan) picked me up from the airport, I just felt right at home. So it’s really special to me, and to see the label hit five years is amazing. Here’s to 100 more!

ARTIST: Dunmore Park
TRACK: ‘Uber’

Compared to previous releases, this track is more chopped-up and funky as opposed to the smoother, melodic pieces you’ve produced. What kind of role has Night Vision Music played in the evolution of your sound over the past 5 years?

DP: Night Vision has always been a club/dance oriented collective and label, so when I went to make something to release I wanted to make a track that merged my sound and the influence that the collective has had on me over time. I learned nearly everything I know about music production from the other producers in the collective, so I wanted to reflect the influence the group has had on me. The song is still very melodic, but it keeps a driving house beat to give it a more “dancey” edge. I’ve been playing it at Night Vision shows for about a year so it’s only fitting that it came out on the label!

ARTIST: Adam Johan & Trevor Oslo
TRACK: ‘House 2 House’

We understand this track was strictly produced with analog gear. What stirred you guys to make this creative decision? For someone who is not so knowledgeable about production; can you tell us the benefits/ differences in producing with analog technology vs. digital?

AJ & TO: For sure! Using the laptop as your primary instrument can get stale pretty quickly, especially when working with someone else. By integrating real instruments and effects into your process, you’re able to really get hands-on with your music, and it feels like a proper jam session, as opposed to feeling like filling out a spreadsheet. For example, one person can be working out an idea on the drum machine while the other person plays around on a synthesizer, and you feed off each other. All of this equates to us having more fun while making music.

Sonically, the actual differences between digital and analog nowadays are tough to notice, especially since there are so many pieces of hardware out there that are actually digital, and there are so many pieces of software that have excellent analog modelling. What’s more noticeable for us is the way our ideas come out. Due to the imperfections and the differences in how you make music through physical interaction, the results usually feel more compelling.

For the synth lead in ‘House 2 House’, we started off by using a Roland TB-3 as a sequencer to make a melody that went right into a Korg MS-20. We recorded a few versions of the melody onto a TASCAM tape recorder and then played with and rearranged the audio in Ableton from there.

ARTIST: David Luca & Dailey
TRACK: ‘Seven Sirens’

The last time we saw you guys together was in 2016 for Better Strangers. What was it like being back in the studio together? Did you notice any differences in your work flow during the process of Seven Sirens?

DL & D: To be honest, it felt like nothing really changed. Having spent so many hours in the studio together, we’ve become pretty accustomed to working with each other. With some new toys and tricks, we were able to bounce some fresh ideas off each other and come up with something a little different then what we would normally write.

ARTIST: Honeydripper
TRACK: ‘Dat Love’

Love the track! What a bold move to be sampling an artist like Lauryn Hill! Can you tell us about the sampling process? Did you have to deal with any copyright legalities, or is it pretty free range when sampling?

H: For me it’s all about finding the right sample for the track. It has to be something that really fits the vibe of the song, opposed to just putting something on top of an instrumental because you feel it’s not quite finished yet. When I’m digging for a sample, I try to have an idea of what I’m looking for before I start, verses aimlessly searching for something that might work. I really like the chill and relaxed vibe of this sample, I like the message, and Lauryn Hill is one of my all time favourites so it’s a bit of an ode to her as well.

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