Vancouver’s Niki Sadeki Makes Her Toronto Debut with Two Performances

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This week, Toronto welcomes Vancouver-based DJ-Producer Niki Sadeki to showcase her deep, whimsical sound to our city’s fervent music fans. On Wednesday, February 1, Niki will make her Toronto debut at the Pacific Junction Hotel for Secret Society Sessions, followed by an intimate all-female performance at Parlour on Saturday, February 4. As resident DJ at Vancouver’s adored MIA nightclub, Niki is thrilled to bring her unmistakable passion eastwards. We had the opportunity to chat with this warm, talented spirit ahead of her arrival…

I want others to feel the same emotions I feel when music moves me.

You credit your childhood family road trips while living in Iran as the ‘starting point’ in your journey towards becoming a DJ. Can you further explain. How is creating a soundtrack for a road trip similar to what you do on the dance floor?

Music is my passion. Ever since I was a kid it acted as an outlet to express myself. Today, that same passion is the drive behind everything I do. I love to engage listeners and crowds, so I guess that motivates me to put together mixes to try to convey stories, connecting in an emotional way and to share what I feel is moving and beautiful. It’s truly just the thing I love most; to play and show people what I’ve found, and I want others to feel the same emotions I feel when music moves me. This brings me a lot of satisfaction.

You currently reside in Vancouver. I don’t think too many of our readers are so familiar with the dance music scene over there. If you were to curate the perfect day/evening for a music lover visiting the city — where would you take us? 

Vancouver’s underground music scene is vibrant and it’s thriving with many talented, local musicians and DJs. And the events have undeniable vibes; they are exclusive but not pretentious at all. People come from all over to go to these parties.

If I were to choose I’d go with MIA on a night where the local talented line-up of DJs literally pour their hearts and souls on the decks in the main room and the backroom.

And as for afterhours, we’d head to Gorg-o-Mish. The sound system would blow anyone away. Combine that with deep vibes and you’d easily keep on partying until 8AM without noticing.

You recently began a show called “Allure” which airs on Frisky Radio. What’s the premise behind this new project?

I’m thrilled about the launch of the show and I’m looking forward to the possibilities it will bring. I try to be versatile with my selections because I want listeners to connect with the artists, producers and DJs, and their work. I also want to give artists a platform to showcase their work to reach more listeners.

Name one person in the industry who is currently inspiring you — whether it be a fellow DJ, producer, venue owner, journalist etc. Who are they and in what ways are they inspiring?

This is a tough one. There are so many people in the industry inspiring me in different ways. Singling out one person is quite difficult.

What’s the important character trait to maintain when working in this industry?

Persistence… it’s a big word and I think it applies to all aspects of being a DJ/Producer.  You have to be dedicated, you have be a risk-taker, and you have to have the “no such thing as failure, only learning lessons” attitude.

Who is one artist that you have recently discovered? Can you share the track that first grabbed your attention? 

Again it’s hard to pinpoint just one artist or one act. But the one name that stands out right now is Shkoon. I really like their new EP called Letters.

Niki Sadeki is on Facebook// Soundcloud// Twitter