“I am very pleased to come back to Toronto, as I really love this city and the people.” — Nima Gorji

Nima Gorji

Nima Gorji is a true DJ; he commands every room with his winding rhythms and hypnotic bass lines, expertly mixing between tracks to create a magnetic vibe. His 25+ year long career has seen him take to the decks at many of the world’s most notable venues and events, including Sunwaves where he recently kicked off the week-long festival. On Friday, September 7 catch the NG Trax label owner back in Toronto, where he’ll celebrate his CODA debut alongside close friends, Nature of Music and the All Blak crew. But first, a few words from Nima Gorji…

Hi Nima! Thanks for speaking with us – where in the world are you right now? And what’s a regular ‘day in the life of Nima’ looking like these days?

Right now I am home in my studio preparing for my annual gig in Zurich at Frieda’s Büxe this weekend. If I am not travelling I am at my home studio working on my label and my productions. And at the same time, I’m cooking and walking my dogs in the nature. This is a normal day in my life.

You recently came off playing the incredible Sunwaves Festival. Can you tell us about your experience and how it’s compared to previous years?

Sunwaves was as always, a fantastic experience although I have not played there in a few years. So I was more than pleased to open the festival on the first night. The vibe was just electric. As I use to say, Romania is one of my favourite locations to play, as the crowd has a high understanding for underground music and I always feel free to choose my selection.

You’re Iranian born, Danish-native and living in Ibiza. How important do you feel environment is on your creative psyche? Where in the world have you felt most at ease?

I have been living the past 15 years in Ibiza, where I felt very comfortable, but the environment and the vibe has changed there. So, I recently moved and based myself near Malaga up in the mountains where I feel relaxed and more focused on my work.

Ibiza gave me a lot, but the vibe changed and has been too commercialized and centred only around money for my taste lately. I used to love it, but was never really distracted by the amount of parties as I always chose carefully where to go out to.

Tell us a bit about your labels, Welt Recordings and NG Trax. What have your most recent projects looked like and who/ what is currently inspiring the labels’ sounds?

Welt Recordings has come to the end since I opened NGtrax . I have new inspirations for my music taste and artists I want to work with, but the focus has always been to keep the underground vibe alive in the music.

We’re thrilled to have you back in Toronto for your CODA debut on September 7. Any special ties you feel towards the city?

I am very pleased to come back to Toronto, as I really love this city and the people. I’ve played for Footwork several times in the past. And I am very excited to come back to the new CODA, which I have not experienced yet. I have very good friends in Toronto, the guys from Nature of Music — Mazi and Kian. They always warmly welcome me in their city and give me a good experience of what Toronto stands for.

Looking back on summer of 2018, if you had to pick out one highlight music-related— what would it be? And what about non-music related?

Sunwaves was definitely my musical highlight of the summer. As I just moved here in Malaga, I focused also a lot on setting up my new home and new studio 🙂

 Grab your tickets to see Nima Gorji at CODA here.

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