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On May 12, techno’s sovereign queen, Ellen Allien, unveils nine interstellar tracks off her brand new album, Nost. Rooted in the term nostalgia, each composition on Nost pays homage to a significant moment in Allien’s 25-year-career.

The album productions, both alone and as a whole, evoke a terrifically cinematic mood. It’s almost as if each record is scoring an intense action sequence in a sci-fi blockbuster. Atmospheric music is well within Allien’s MO,  but Nost is especially packed with motion picture energy. For that reason, we’ve paired each track with its movie counterpart, focusing in particular on the sci-fi genre because, as we know, Allien holds the crown for out-of-this-world beats.

1.Mind Journey” and The Terminator

“Mind Journey” taps into the mechanized tone of The Terminator with its hollow synths and robotic vocals, each of which are a call to the film’s bad-ass cyborg.

giphy (1) terminator

2. “Innocence” and I, Robot

Much like the androids in I, Robot, “Innocence” appears to have an innocuous quality. However, there’s something acutely foreboding about the humming synth beneath the rhythm…


3. “Jack My Ass” and Ghost In the Shell

“Jack My Ass” has all the fierceness (and sexiness, no doubt) of Ghost In the Shell’s cyber-enhanced solider, Major.

4. “Call Me” and Species

We have to pair “Call Me” with 1995’s sci-fi horror flick Species, mainly because the female alien lead is on a die-hard quest to mate with a human male and, well, just listen to the vocals in “Call Me.” Ellen recently explained in an interview with FADER, “‘Call Me’ is about Grindr and Tinder, the apps many people use to find sex, love, dates or friends.” 

5. “Electric Eye” and Mars Attacks

The upbeat rhythm of “Electric Eye” fits nicely with Mar Attacks’ cult-like humor, not to mention the Martin Girl’s infamous eyeball ring for a more literal connection.

6.  “mma” and Star Trek

“mma” earns it’s pairing with Star Trek due to the song’s rhythmic intensity,  that of which feels very much like the USS Enterprise commencing warp-speed.


7. “Physical” and Weird Science

The exotic and mysterious tone of “Physical” lies heavily in tune with Weird Science’s babe-creation, Lisa. Much like the power-surge that resulted in the character, “Physical” is bursting with zap-tastic techno beats.


8. “Stormy Memories” and Inception

“Stormy Memories” has a grand ambience typified by such major films as Inception. It’s action-packed intricacies also remind us of the delicate yet intense dream-missions performed by the film’s characters.

9. “Erdmond” and Interstellar

In addition to audio from Neil Armstrong’s moon landing, the sweeping instruments in “Erdmond” have a vast, space-like beauty. The tempo is both pensive and urgent, much like the global crisis depicted in Interstellar.


Nost will be out on BPitch Control  May 12.

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