“No plastic toys for you, you get the gift of music little brother.” A Conversation with Patrick M

patrick M

“No plastic toys for you, you get the gift of music little brother.” There’s no telling whether or not Patrick M’s older bro could have foreseen a life-long career in music when he uttered these words. Regardless, his ‘gift’ foreshadowed the successes, which Argentinian DJ-Producer Patrick M would soon achieve. In 2003, Patrick landed in the colourful city of Miami, which would become his haven for musical prosperity. Today, the DJ continues to leave an incredible impact on the city and industry as a whole. This Saturday, August 26 Patrick M will take to the decks at Miami’s HEART nightclub alongside Rafa Barrios, but first – we caught up with the man of the hour.

First off, thank-you for taking the time to chat! You’re originally from Argentina, but 15 years ago you came to Miami. Can you tell us what first urged you to choose Miami as your ‘second home’? 

When we decided to move from Argentina, the country was having some financial and economic instability. So myself, along with three buddies decided to put the name of three cities we liked on pieces of paper, put them in a hat and Miami was the winner!

You’ve had an incredible impact on the Miami  scene— from establishing the Grooveman Music shop in Miami beach, to holding down residencies at SPACE Miami and so much more. If you could narrow it down to a few key players –  who has had the biggest impact on you along the way?

The Space Terrace was my biggest impact in my career, but Nikki Beach used to have some amazing Sunday parties on the sand as well.

No plastic toys for you, you get the gift of music little brother.

This past April you took over HEART with an impressive 4 hour set. Tell us about the night. What are you most looking forward to as you return to the club on August 26?

Oh that was a fun night! For August 26th with my buddy Rafa Barrios, I am really excited to play some of my new tracks. Every time Rafa and I play it’s 100% fun all night!

Heart Miami press shot

We heard you lend credit to your older brother for exposing you to much of the music world. Tell us about your relationship growing up in Argentina, and how you both explored music together.

He’s my idold… hahahha. He is 18 years older than me. He had gone on a trip around the world when I was 7. He brought me cassettes and vinyls from his trip by artists like Bob Marley, Beatles and Barry White. His words to me were “No plastic toys for you, you get the gift of music little brother.”

You run your label XIMA Records. What has been the most rewarding part of this business venture? 

I run the label with my label mate German Garcia. At the moment the “record” business is not a huge moneymaker, but the most rewarding part is the feedback and support from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Marco Carola, Stacey Pullen etc.

Xima is a boutique label and I love to give a chance to the new up and comers to get their tracks out there.

You’ve been producing for many years with an impressive library of tracks that have achieved great success. What challenges do you still to face when you sit down in the studio? and what has become easier for you over the years?

I try to better myself in and out of the studio. Trying to make quality tracks with a unique / different sound. The thing that has come easier over the years has been finding the right bass lines for my productions, which is a key element in all tracks.

For those coming to HEART on August 26 — what’s the best local spot to grab a pre-show meal & drink?

Hahaha! I love to eat at Fiorito. It is an Argentinean restaurant in Little Haiti. For the drinks, come to Heart and let’s grab a tequila shot together and dance the night sway! Salud!

Grab your tickets here to see Patrick M alongside Rafa Barrios at Heart, Miami on August 26.

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