Senseless announces Rodriguez Jr., Frivolous, Frank & Tony & More For an Immersive Musical Experience 


Your senses control your perception of every little thing around you. From the foods you taste, the things you feel, the flowers you smell and the music you hear, your senses fuel your motivation to love the beautiful things that make you, you.

On Saturday July 9th, let your senses run free at the Evergreen Brick Works for the inaugural debut of Senseless; a multi-sensory event concept. For The People present a fresh new concept, which is carefully curated to heighten and maximize your experience with touch, taste, smell, sound and sight – the sum total of all your senses.

To take you on a musical journey, the Senseless team presents world renowned French producer and live act Rodriguez Jr., Cadenza star & Canadian born/ Berlin based Frivolous, German electronic maestro Isolée, Brooklyn’s favourite veteran duo and Scissor & Thread chiefs Frank & Tony, and Blkmarket Membership residents Taimur & Fahad

Senseless will immerse you with electronic and live music; 3D visuals; delectable tastes; savory scents and much more. Senseless is not just a music festival; it will give you a total sensory experience, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Taking place at Toronto’s historic and unique venue, Evergreen Brick Works, attendees will experience music against a backdrop like no other. The indoor-outdoor venue provides an exciting industrial space, with exposed brick walls that have been transformed into thought-provoking murals by Toronto’s skilled graffiti artists and photographers. Creating an ambience that feels both primitive and yet modern, Evergreen Brick Works is the perfect location to awaken one’s senses.


Toronto will create music history this year. Music is not only sound and lights. It is more, much more. We are delighted to announce Senseless – a first of its kind fully immersive music experience. It will engage not only your eyes and ears but the sum total of all your senses. We will grip your imagination and give wings to your body. We will sweep you off your feet and transport you to another realm. We will break what you believed to be true and put together another you. Senseless will give expression to that which we have known all along but were unable to express – until now, until Senseless.

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