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On Saturday, April 8, members of the most loveable crew will take Toronto on a journey through time. Brace yourselves, as we welcome the infectiously groovy duo Soul Clap, who will be mixing up retro music with new-age funk, altogether creating a vibrant, era-shifting dance floor at CODA nightclub. But first, we had the opportunity to chat with Soul Clap, as they shed some light about life on the road and star in this episode of the #TourChronicles…

The biggest myth about ‘life on tour’ is…

That the journey is more important than the destination. Sometimes you just wanna skip the journey and get there already… but you definately get used to airports and planes and the whole travel process kind of turns into a meditation.

The best part of touring as a duo is….

Having your brother there with you at all times!

The worst part about touring as a duo is…

Having your brother there with you at all times!

One of our worst airport experiences was…

How about the time we connected through Rome, but the Italians bag handlers went on strike!  Nobody had fun that day, believe!

The best airport for a long lay-over is …

The Turkish Airlines lounge is like non-other, they’ve got incredible food, deserts that will make you drool like a fool and even a movie theatre!  Deniz Kurtel first brought us there, now we’re hooked.

One of the most ‘surprising’ gigs within the past 6 months was…

Finally made it to Norway last fall and had one hell of an amazing night DJing in Oslo at a club called Jaeger.  The whole experience was incredible, from the hosts to the amazing seafood to the club, crowd and sound system.  The DJ booth was all custom wood with the owner’s record collection on one wall that we could pull records from.  Then they had such a cool set up with the DJ mixer… we were using the new Rane mixer, but they had something built in that you could flip this board around and on the other side was an Allen & Heath, so if you wanted to use a different mixer you could and switch it out without having to stop the music!  The crowd ate up every tune, it was really something, can’t wait to get back there.

Name one new city that you haven’t played, but would like to visit/perform in 2017…

We’ve never played Iceland but are booked to perform at the Secret Solstice festival this coming June.  It’s a country that we’ve always wanted to see and we’ll get to spend almost a full week going site seeing afterwards. We rarely get extended stays when we tour, it’s usually in and then right out, so this is a real treat!

One of our favourite venues in the world to play is… why?

Still to this day we love the Electric Pickle in Miami with all our hearts.  Will, Thomas, Mitch and the rest of the team over there have been so supportive of us over the years and the vibe in there is the stuff of legend!

This hotel has the BEST food/ room service…

There’s no room service, but food at our beloved Michelberger Hotel in Berlin is delicious, and the vibe there is so dear to us that it feels like a homecoming everytime we arrive.

What is on your rider? 

baby wipes
baby powder
nag champa
local beer
cool socks
local sports team hats
rolling papers
coconut water
fruits and nuts
dark chocolate
postcards to write home

One of our favourite local promoters to work with is…


Besides our gig at CODA, we will try to do this while in Toronto…

Apply for Canadian citizenship!

Tell us one of your favourite experiences with an opening or closing DJ. 

Lately DJing has gotten us really close to Doc Martin. He’s such an important legend, but even more so he and his wife Lilia are just amazing people! Its an honor to call them new close friends.

Our favourite city to after-party in is…

Probably still Berlin, the party just doesn’t stop! Toronto gets honorable mention too. We have so many homies here and the vibe is always super cozy.

Which city feels the most like “home away from home”? AKA where do you feel the most crew love?

Berlin, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Miami, Tokyo, London, Montreal, TORONTO… There’s really so many, too hard to choose, the Crew Love is real all around the globe!

Toronto – grab your tickets to Soul Clap at CODA here! See you on the dance floor…