Stiv Hey Showers Us in Champagne Techno

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Originally from Milan, Stiv Hey’s impact on the music industry is quickly spreading throughout the west and eastern hemisphere. After receiving support on his breakthrough releases from such techno titans as Dubfire, Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola, there is little standing in Hey’s way from becoming the next leader in the genre’s landscape. His latest production, a three-track EP titled Interference on Loose Records, is filled with villainous basslines and layered melodies which exemplify the DJ’s innovative chops. So techno fans, listen up! This is one producer you’ll want to keep an ear out for.

A number of your first releases were supported by such industry giants as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, and Dubfire. What did their support mean to you, both personally and as an artist?

Yeah! This is what happened when I first started releasing music! Their support definitely meant a lot to me. To have such big names supporting and playing your tracks in front of thousands of people make a big change in the game, it makes you understand your potential. When this happens, it’s important not to sit down thinking “I made it”, but rather use that powerful happy energy to start new music; it can turn into a great productive circle.

You have a brand new EP, Interference, which also happens to be your first solo EP project. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of working on an EP alone as opposed to collaborating?

“Interference” is the first EP showing a new sound I was testing and developing for a long time, so it can definitely be considered a FIRST. It’s not my first solo release, there were many before this 🙂 Work with other musicians is definitely not the easiest thing to do, it’s all about connection and to go out of your comfort zone. From the other side, collaborating is one of the best ways to grow, learn new techniques and be influenced by others. Disadvantages are not involved here… a collaboration must be a WIN-WIN relationship, if it’s not, just go back to your solo projects or start looking for another partner.

You were born in Milan, but recently relocated to Barcelona. Why did you think this move was beneficial to your career and/or personal life?

Milano is a beautiful city and a great place to grow up, I can’t complain. I decided to move to Barcelona mainly for a connection reason, at this point in my career I felt it was needed to be closer to the main heads of the industry. Barcelona at the moment is a very central city for Techno, and it is only 45 mins far from Ibiza. Personal life wise, I also had a great boost of happiness, Barcelona is a Happy City.

It’s important not to sit down thinking “I made it”, but rather use that powerful happy energy to start new music; it can turn into a great productive circle.

You’ve had your fair share of Asian tours– recently playing several shows in China as well as completing your third tour in India. When most people think of the electronic music scene, they picture Europe or North America. How did touring in Asia challenge that idea?

Yes correct, I’m investing a lot of time and efforts to bring my music and party concept in the East side of the world. Everyone is so focused on USA and Europe that these countries are not getting so many artists. After my first travels I understood the potential of these places and the people who live there. I felt their need to party and their desire of knowledge. Eastern culture is different from Western, it took more time to build a scene, as there is a different relationship with the music itself. Now it’s done, there is a scene and it’s growing fast. This past year we had Awakenings and ADE in India, IMS in Singapore…something is happening!

Your fans refer to your sound as “sexy techno” or “techno champagne.” What does that mean?

When somebody calls your techno “Sexy Techno” and it’s happening in different countries, it means you are doing something right. “Champagne” techno is when you make people from around the world pop their eyes out.

We hear that you’re in the process of developing your own party brand ‘Memories’ set to launch later this year. What kind of experience can fans look forward to when attending a ‘Memories’ event?

“Memories” is a brand new project we just started and we are already so excited about it! As the name says, our goal is to generate memories for the people who are attending our parties. My crew and I have a different way of partying. We have been collecting so many amazing party experiences in the last few years, that at one point we just thought “why not show everyone how we do it?.” So here we are! We’re ready to launch our party brand and to share with all of you who have our same passion, the many incredible moments that will stay forever in our memories. Attending a “Memories” party will be a different experience. More details soon 🙂 

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