Thomas Von Party at Datcha, Montreal
Thomas Von Party at Datcha, Montreal

One could say Thomas Sontag, known to the music community as Thomas Von Party was born into the industry. Growing up with older brother Tiga, founder of Turbo Recordings, Thomas enjoyed a broad range of music from an early age; from pure techno and electro, to house and pop. Today, Thomas Von Party acts as head of A&R and label manager for Turbo, as well as his very own Multi Culti imprint. An international music bizz magnate and mainstay in Montreal’s thriving electronic music scene, Von Party opened the night club Datcha in 2014, where he continues to act as music programmer and resident DJ. Catch all that? Yes, it’s evident that Thomas was destined for a fervent life in music!

For the past 4 years, Thomas’ Multi-Culti brand has hosted their very own stage at Montreal’s AIM Electronic Music Festival, welcoming the likes of Axel Boman, DJ Three, Red Axes and John Talabot to the stage. This July 6, 7 & 8 catch Thomas and the Multi-Culti crew back in action at AIM where Bamboozle (Eli of Soul Clap), Cave Paintings, Dreems, Iñigo Vontier, Nicolá Cruz, and of course, Thomas will be curating the dance floor vibes. But first, we took a moment to catch up with this Montreal-native to shed some light on his beloved city. Whether you’re coming through for AIM Festival, or taking some time to explore the city, Thomas Von Party is your Montreal-party expert…

If you could bring back any Montreal music venue which no longer exists, what venue would you choose? Why?

Sona. It was my brother Tiga’s club and I spent a lot of time there in the first few years that it opened. Montreal is missing a proper after-hours venue. Of course we have Stereo, but at heart it’s all about house in that room, while Sona (at least on the Fridays) showcased some amazing techno. It also had a great bar downstairs that had downtempo, hip hop or drum and bass. The fluidity of moving between the rooms and hearing all kinds of different underground music was great.

What is your go-to spot for a hangover meal in the city?

With a hangover I’d go for something that involves dough, probably Hof Kelsten who bakes the best bread in the city. I also like Lawrence and Larry’s, Arthur’s, and anything involving the chef Beaver Sheppard.

hof kelsten

Name a shop in Montreal where you can still go crate-digging and find some gems.

Death of Vinyl is good for real digging. I also like Phonopolis.

My favourite sound system to play in Montreal is located at…

Stereo is great, but overall I prefer playing at my club Datcha, just because the room is small and cozy. You’re basically on the dance floor while DJing.

You can typically find me in this borough/district of Montreal on a…

Friday night: mile ex… where a lot of my favourite restaurants and people are.

Sunday afternoon: chilling at a park, riding my bike, all over… in the summer I love biking to the island for Piknic Electronik and the festival de Musique du monde.

I discovered <Secret Secret Girl> in Montreal while they were playing at <Bethlehem.xxx.>

My very first music industry friend in Montreal was…

I guess my brother… does that count? I kind of grew up in the industry.

My favourite outdoor venue to catch great music in Montreal is…

There aren’t enough of them. I like that little spot down by the brewery where you can watch the fireworks while you party.

This year at AIM Festival, I’m most looking forward to hearing…

Nicola Cruz. He’s a fantastic artist.

multi-culti lineup

The best disco ball in Montreal resides at…

Wherever the old one that they used to have at Sona is.

One of the best production studios is located at…

Lost Star Studios

The best Montreal-smoked meat sandwich can be found at…

I’ll ruffle some feathers here and not go with the obvious choice. Hof Kelsten.

smoked sandwich

The best place to catch the sunset in Montreal is …

The Mount Royal cemetery. Or inside one of the city’s many sex dungeons.

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