The #TourChronicles Ft. Leftwing & Kody

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Approaching their sets with limitless energy, Leftwing & Kody have built a solid reputation for knowing exactly how to read a crowd. This fall, for the very first time, the duo will bring their inimitable brand of tech house across the Atlantic in celebration of their North American tour. On Saturday, October 13 catch them make their Canadian debut at Toronto’s CODA nightclub, but first, shedding some light on what life on tour is truly all about, it’s Leftwing & Kody for the #TourChronicles…

The biggest myth about ‘life on tour’ is…

That you get a chance to see and experience all the great cities you play in. Normally times are really tight, so you only get to see airports, hotel rooms and the clubs.

One of our worst airport experiences was…

We finished a show quite late so didn’t get any sleep and had to go straight to the airport, as it was a 90 minute drive away. When we go to the airport there was a 3 hour delay. This meant we didn’t have time to return to the hotel. During this 3 hours the delay was slowly creeping up an up. It ended up being over 8 hours! The airline gave us €50 each to spend on food, but the only place that would could spend it was in McDonalds – €100 on McDonalds!!!!! LOL

The best airport for a long lay-over is …

A great one is Singapore airport – we’ve spent a lot of time there going back and forth to Australia over the years. Great food and a lot of space to relax.

We have waited so long to make our North American Debut and now it’s finally here. UTA have put together an amazing first tour and we can’t wait to get over the Atlantic! We’ve heard so much great stuff about the crowds across the pond from our friends and we can’t wait to experience it for ourselves. We’re really looking forward to seeing the dance music culture from our North American cousins.

One of the most surprising gigs from this past summer was…

I just returned from a show in Dubai and although we have played there many times before, this was completely different. It was at a brand new club called Industrial Avenue and reminded me a lot of Sankeys in Ibiza. The sound system was amazing and the lighting rig they have is next level. It’s certainly a space that Dubai has been needing for a long time.

Industrial Avenue, Dubai

Industrial Avenue, Dubai

On this North American tour, we’re most looking forward to playing

All the great cities we are visiting on this US and Canadian tour…

One of our favourite venues in the world to play is…

Watergate in Berlin is still one of the greatest club experiences we have had. We closed the night and when we got to the last 5 mins of our set the manager kept telling us to keep going and going. We ended up doing almost 5 hours and the only reason we stopped was we had a flight to catch.

This hotel has the BEST food/ room service…

Ocean Drive in Ibiza has a great restaurant and we’ve eaten there so many times over the years. I’ve never had a better club sandwich anywhere in the world.

OD, Ocean Drive Ibiza

OD, Ocean Drive Ibiza

What is on your rider? 

Nothing too crazy on our rider. A nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, a bottle of vodka and some local beers

Where is the weirdest place you’ve been given a demo?

It wasn’t a demo, but someone asked me to listen to them mixing on an app on their phone in the middle of the club. I thought that was quite a strange one.

Besides our gig at CODA on October 13, we will try to do this while in Toronto…

Eat poutine !

Grab your tickets to Leftwing & Kody at CODA on October 13 here.

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