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This Victoria Day long weekend, thousands of Toronto’s devout music lovers will make their way to Woodbine Park for the 5th season opener of Electric Island. The event has quickly become one of our city’s most prized ventures, revealing just what’s possible when numerous creative minds work together.

One duo who has been there from the beginning, and whom have vigilantly contributed to Toronto’s music scene is Pavel Gorin and TJ Train of Night Vision. Their performance on Monday, May 22 will mark their 4th year playing Electric Island, making them the perfect candidates for this episode of #VIEWSFROMTHE6.

If you could bring back any Toronto music venue which no longer exists, what venue would you choose? Why?

NV: Footwork! Footwork holds a very special place in our musical hearts.  Footwork was just one of those venues that, for a few hours each week, you could get completely lost in a musical journey that would take you away to another place entirely.  The vibe of the club, the sound system, the musical programming, everything was always setup just right to ensure that there was nothing that would take you away from the music.

As for local impressions, we would say that Toronto is an incubator for world class DJ talent and most recently, we could easily mention Alberto Jossue.

What is your go-to spot for a hangover meal in the city?

P: Ottos, Ravi Soups

TJ: Pizza Nova

What’s one thing you can always guarantee when visiting Comfort Zone? 

– Loud, grainy sound system
– Questionable characters
– Low light and even lower ceiling
– 8am beers & chicken fingers
– Leaving CZ when all of the ‘regular’ people are doing ‘regular’ things but you’ve been doing ‘questionable’ things at ‘questionable’ hours.

But for real, we haven’t been there in years and from what we can remember. the vibe there was always insane, raw, and never ending.

Name a shop in Toronto where you can still go crate-digging and find some gems.

Haven’t done that in a long time here, but we would go to Play De Record or Rotate This or Kensington Market.

Our favourite sound system to play in Toronto is located at…


You can typically find us in this borough/district of Toronto on a Friday night…

P: I usually like to keep Friday to myself to relax from the work week and get a good sleep before Saturday night comes.

TJ:  Usually out for dinner somewhere, perhaps Reservoir Lounge listening to some good Jazz/Blues

on a Sunday afternoon…

NV: Kensington is the place to be when it’s nice outside. Fresh air, great food, good crowd, awesome patios. It’s very laid back.


Kensington Market, Toronto

We discovered _____ in Toronto while he/she was playing at ____.

P: Dixon at the Drake Underground, this was before he blew up.

TJ: Kiasmos at Drake Underground as well. They were already big before I saw them live, but this was the first for me and they blew mind mind.

As for local impressions, we would say that Toronto is an incubator for world class DJ talent and most recently, we could easily mention Alberto Jossue. His musical variety, mixing skills and ability to read and control a dance floor seem near endless!

Our very first music industry friend in Toronto was…

P: For me it was probably Rafwat & Chorniy, I got my first proper gig at CZ with them.

TJ: Umar Syed, Toronto’s godfather of after parties.

Our favourite outdoor venue to catch great music in Toronto is…

We don’t have many regular, outdoor venues… but we have amazing outdoor events like Electric Island and Summerdaze.

Photo by Ded Agency

Photo by Ded Agency

The worst part of Toronto’s 2AM last call is…

1. The abrupt shut down of music and lights (duh)
2. The price of dial-a-bottle

The most embarrassing job we have worked in Toronto was…

Every gig we’ve taken was because we 100% love to play music for people. So we’ve played everything from private birthday parties where we didn’t know anyone, to yoga classes and dinner time lounges. Every gig is unique and we can honestly say that we’ve never been embarrassed to do what we love.

BUT we can say that poorly equipped events (ie. sound, tickets, etc.) are the biggest embarrassment, more-so for the event organizers.

The best disco ball in Toronto resides at…

The only full-size disco ball is at Nest… followed by a “half-ball” at CODA.  (Correct us if we’re wrong?)

To date, our favourite Electric Island was…

We feel like every year has been better than the last. So in recent memory, it was the last one of 2016 with Guy J and Dixon (and the legend after party at CODA).

Catch Night Vision performing at Electric Island this Monday, May 22. Tickets may be purchased here.

Night Vision is on Facebook// Soundcloud